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And the Lakers Win It June 17, 2010

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Hola Folks

Still no memory card 😦

On a brighter note we did manage to get PaPa’s Father’s Day Gift Done. 

After we finished out shopping we grabbed dinner from Wegman’s.  I got a cup of Summer Vegetable Orzo Soup (Pretty Good) and a half of a Sub on an Everything Roll (Over-the-top Foodgasms) with Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and honey mustard.  Ridic.

After work I watched the end of the game – intense! And snacked on some pretz and Dark Choc PB Spread.  I warn – this salty/sweet combo is my version of crack. 

I’m off to watch some Jimmy Fallon and catch some ZzZ’s.

Tomorrow shall hold some swimming/sunning/chatting/and Florida Road Trip planning (Gasp! in exactly one week we will have been on the road for 1 hour!)

Night night ❤


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