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Let The Games Begin – starting with a few introductions June 19, 2010

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Allow me to introduce you to my first official post with PICTURES 🙂

Don’t mind the fact that they are totally unnecessary and non sense photos…but c’mon bare with me folks – after an always eventful trip to Walmart, I emerged with a smile on my face and a new memory card in my bag, and therefore couldn’t resist taking a few pics and posting ‘em.

Allow me another introduction: My babies 🙂

My lil kitty muffins turn 5 this month! I lived in the same house for 18 years with my parents and moved into my current apartment just over 5 years ago – my goodness I have no idea where the time went.  Having pets is something that I will always have. 

When I was 5 years old, we purchased a little love muffin that soon became my soul mate and the first and most wonderful love of my life, Rufous, a Golden Retriever fluff ball.  I still remember bringing him home 🙂 My Dad still tells everyone he comes in contact with of the first night we had Rufous.  Puppy went into the crate and we all went off to sleep. Or so we thought.  Our little love cried and cried and my love-stricken Daddy slept on the floor outside his cage the whole night 🙂 Like I said, love at first sight.  Rufous went on to live the most amazing 14 years anyone could wish for.  He held all of our hearts.  When he was very young, he went about 90% blind, and was diagnosed with hip dysplasia.  I still remember having company over and they could not believe how he walked around the house and yard knowing every bump and groove.  You would never have known he couldn’t see.  Amazing.  On March 24th, 2007, I had a run in with one of the worst days of my life.  Rufous left us;( I still shed tears thinking about it. 

I will never forget the the ride to vet office. Rufous was laying on my back seat using every ouce of life he had left in him to enjoy the sweet breeze on his now white face.  My Dad was sitting in the passenger seat punching the ceiling :(  We all shed our tears and said our dreaded goodbyes. 

I got in my car and felt somehow both irreversibly sad and relieved.  I couldn’t even look at another dog for months.  It was my first official heart break.  Rufous will forever hold a part of my heart and just thinking about him gives me chills.

Fast forward one and a half years, and in comes Mr. Jake. Another love of my life.  Jake is my parents 100 Pound Black lab that is absolutely insane and adorable.  He is now 2 yrs old, and with youth on his side, he is my all time favorite work-out buddy 🙂 We love our walks and runs in parks all over town.  Although I don’t live with my parents anymore, I am there almost every day and Jake and I are in love.

Anywho – back to the pics!

En mi casa, My first lovey  is Raji – he greets me at the door every night with a warm hug 🙂 (No Joke here)


The orange kitty kat is Mikah (pronounced Mee-kah)

She is a licking spastic hot mess little princess 🙂


She has feline herpes (no need for a jaw-drop, it is basically just a recurring cold she gets).  She hasn’t had any symptoms however for about 3 yrs.  (knock on wood).


they couldn’t be any more different from each other, yet they are pretty much soul mates.  It is rare a day goes by when I don’t catch them spooning.


Introduce: Unnecessary and non-sense photos:


As you can see, I am suffering from some sun-burn.  I decided that since I am going to Florida nest week (!) I should get a good base in.  Yea, think again.  OUCH!


I’m pretty sure I’ve never burnt the top of my foot before.


Last night at work with my work boots on I was cringing. 


Judging by my past sun burns, all should be good and well by tomorrow with the assistance of some aloe vera and rest.

Anywho, eats of today included:


A PB and sliced Strawberry sammy

Went to my cousins 2nd birthday party (so cute!) and had a plate of Grammy’s wonderful German potato salad, mac n cheese, rigatoni, spinach salad, and a roll with buttah.

Dessert was my Aunt’s oh so famous yellow cake with raspberry filling and buttercream frosting and cherry ice cream cake.  Yumz 🙂

I’m off to watch some bad TV and chill with some Sabra hummus and Mary’s Crack.


I swan for a bit in the ‘rents pool yesterday and then took Jake for a 2.5 mile walk. It was HOT out! I was dripping in sweat by the time we got back to the car. 

Today – nada.  Boo


See y’all later 🙂



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