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Mr. with the Iridescent Sapphire Blues June 20, 2010

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This Post is dedicated to my Papa 🙂

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddy’s out there.

Today was spent with this Handsome Man:


Enter the Iridescent Sapphire Blue Eyes 🙂


The day started off with a Cup of Java and then I was off to the the ‘rents for bfast – half a honey wheat bagel with cream cheese and a bowl of melon and strawberries.

Then some shenanigans with the sis 😉

Take 1 (Get your dang hand out of the pic Andrea):


Take Two (Get your dang hair off your face Andrea):


Take 3 (Perfecto!):


We were then off to my grandparents (Dad’s parents) grave sites to plant some flowers and were very pleasantly surprised to see that the flowers we planted on Mother’s Day were still alive and thriving!

Back at the casa, I chilled with this man (well I layed with him haha):


Devoured some Multi-grain chips:


And Salsa (this pic looks very gross but I promise it was yummy):


Before the older siblings came over, I chilled some more with this handsome man:


What a face 🙂


Mama Bear (She was slightly annoyed that I made her take a cooking break haha):


The awesome duo that made me who I am today:


The Sis, Moi, and Daddy-O:


Double Take:


S’Bucks Venti Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte = Yumz!


Veggie Platter thrown together by yours truly:


After a bit – my 5 other siblings came over (besides Andrea who was there all day with me already).  All the nieces and nephews (10!) and siblings (7 of us total!) always make for a loud fun filled house!

Random fact: I am the youngest of my Dad’s 7 kids! He had 1 boy and then 6 girls!  I have 1 half-brother and and 3 half sisters from my Dad’s first marriage, and then enter my Mama Bear, I have two more sisters, and then last but NEVER least (baha) enters yours truly.  Our ages go as follows: 49, 48, 46, 43, 28, 26, and 23.  Quite the spectrum, huh?!

My Dad has been joking all year that he never felt old until he realized his first born was turning 50 this year haha.

Moving on…

I discovered today that the fact that my new beloved camera runs solely on 2 AA Batteries is going to be a MAJOR P.I.T.A. The batteries died today right as I went to capture a pic of dinner. 

Had I not been DROOLING over my plate of gasms, I would have taken the 47 seconds it took to change the batteries and captured a quick pic.  Obv, that did NOT happen hahaha 🙂

The main course included: Marinated & Grilled Chicken and Shrimp, Bell Peppers, Hot Peppers, Zucchini, Brown Rice, and FRESH Italian bread with Buttah.  

After 17 hours of putting food away and drying dishes, I managed to find some room for 2 Peanut Butter Balls (I am assuming that the person who coined the term ‘foodgasms’ had just eaten some of these when the idea came to mind), and half of a Rice Krispy Treat (Dad’s fav).

After dinner, I felt stuffed to the brim and continued chatting with the fam.  My youngest niece – Sophia (15 months) is just about the cutest little thing.  She is at the age where she is becoming sooo fun and really starting to get in on the fun action :)  Right about when she began laughing hysterically at my Bro-in-law making oink-oink noises, I decided I needed to make a QUICK dash to the battery box and whip my camera out:


If you can look at a baby/toddler cracking up and you don’t have any reaction, I highly suggest you consult a professional. We were all cracking up 🙂

She’s a beaut!


One quick and sad and rather coincidental note: After yesterdays post where I shared about my past Golden Retriever Love, Rufous, I discovered that my brother put down his 18 year old (!) Pomeranian, BooBoo.  My Brother and his wife bought the dog together when they first moved in together and have treasured every moment of his life.  He was there when they gave birth to their amazing son, when they moved into their house, when they had good days, and when they had bad times.  Dogs are just about the most wonderful thing because they are always there, never judging, never letting you down.

My brother is just about the most loving and compassionate man I know, so when I saw his sad and distraught face, I burst into tears.  I don’t know if it was the sheer sadness on his, his wife’s, and his son’s faces, or if it was the flooding memories of the awful finality I felt on the day we put Rufous down that rushed like waves of pain and chills into my body, but at 3 different points today, I found myself needing to leave the room and have a ‘moment’ alone. 

The cherry on top was definitely when my 15 year old nephew went up to my trying-to-stay-strong-but-oh-so-broken-hearted brother and ever so kindly said “Dad, it is only his body.  He will live on in our hearts forever.” No words. He is becoming such a wonderful young man.


Didn’t mean to end on such a damper note!

Needless to say, I was once again sans workout today. 

Tomorrow holds P90X – shoulders, arms, and ab ripper!

Hope you all had a lovely Father’s Day and a spectacular weekend! The weather here was just perfect as was the weekend:)



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