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Rush Rush Rush June 23, 2010

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Hello Friends!

Just finished another Treadmill workout – schweaty mess!

I added a new Page at the to keep a semi detailed log of my workouts.

Haven’t done any P90X since last week :/ But hopefully later today we will tackle shoulders/arms/ab ripper.

Anywho, I am leaving for a Road Trip to Florida with my 2 besties TOMORROW!!! I have not even begun packing – hence the title! After I finish here I am off to shower, layout all my clothes (well the clean ones), start laundry, head to AAA to get a Trip Tik, go to Kohl’s for some last minute clothes/shoes, and then off to the sisters for a farewell workout and din din 🙂

Starting with yesterday, here are some pics of my eats, which were pretty clean and yumz.

First, post workout water in this Ridic cute glass from Wegmans.  It was $2!


PB & J Smoothie! By far my fav smoothie – I will post the recipe soon on my new recipe page at the top.


Lunch was this salad at the ‘rents:

Mixed greens

Leftover chopped grilled onion, green peppers, and yellow squash

Some Shredded Colby Cheese I added post pic


Topped with this crack Salad dressing. 


Right when I sat down to eat (2ish) the sky turned BLACK and it DOWN POURED for a while.  It was pretty entertaining actually.

These pics don’t look the same because of the flash, but isn’t my parents yard cute?? Love it.

100_0116 100_0118 

My “See You Later” dinner with Mom and Pops was a homemade salad made by Mama Bear herself.

From what I remember:

Mixed greens



Red Pepper


Topped again with the same dressing.  Duh.


Later while totally captivated sitting on the edge of my seat I casually watched the Bachelorette and munched some Onion Mary’s Crack and Sabra hummus.  My new fav snack.

This morning was the usual Java followed by the treadmill.

Post workout Tropical Smoothie:



Oh, and Mikah says Hi!


Have a GREAT day and See Ya Later 🙂



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