Rawkin Robin's Nest

Workout Log June 22, 2010

Wednesday 6/23/10  

Treadmill Workout:

5 min warmup

400 M (.25 Mile) 5 mph

400 M 6 mph

400 M 3 mph

400 M 7 mph

300 M 3 mph

300 M 7 mph

200 M 3 mph

200 M 7 mph

100 M 3 mph

100 M 7 mph

400 M 6 mph

400 M 5 mph

400 M 3 mph

Hope that makes sense!  Basically did some sprints.

Stretched/Yoga 10 min

Tuesday 6/22/10:   

Treadmill Workout:

45 Minutes Total:

5 Minute warmup at 3-3.5 mph

3 Miles at 5mph (36 min)

4 Minute cooldown 3mph

Stretched for 15 and called it a day.

Monday 6/21/10:    

DOC (Deck of Cards) Workout:



Clubs=Bicep Curls


 This workout is so simple and fun.  You simply take a deck of shuffled cards (and after a warmup),  flip over one card at a time and do the number of reps on the card of each move. (J’s, Q’s, and K’s are 10).

Ex – a 7 of hearts=7 pushups.  a Q of spades=10 squats.

Go through the deck of cards and before you know it you’ll be sweating, cursing, and loving the burn.  Time always flies for me during these workouts. 

It is also very adjustable.  If you don’t have a lot of time one day, use fewer cards and maybe hold some dumbells during your squats or lunges. 

About 2 weeks ago I used 2 whole decks of cards (!) and let’s just say I won’t be doing that again any time soon! I was  SO SORE for days and unable to workout for 4 or 5 days.

Today I did one deck and it was perfecto 🙂


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